A No Deal Brexit means no Memorandums of Understanding and back to Square One with Spain

Leo Olivero

EXCLUSIVE - Government Spokesman Confirms

On the potential of a ‘No Deal’ scenario Panorama posed the following question:

“Can you confirm that in the likely event of a ‘no deal Brexit’ the Gibraltar side of the withdrawal deal with Spain would remain and be implemented or will it be a case of renegotiating everything all over again with the Spanish Government”.

The reply from a Government Spokesperson was indicatively telling, leaving little to the imagination saying, “There will be no memorandums of understandings if there is a no deal” short reply, big consequences?

In another question we asked, “would that mean back to square one with Spain and Brexit” The even shorter reply from the same spokesperson was a “BIG YES” (it Would)

Interestingly, the latter reply clashes with some reports last week in the Spanish media quoting the Spanish Prime Minister as saying that even if the UK left the EU with a no deal; those Brexit arrangements agreed regarding Gibraltar would remain. These reports suggested they would at least during the transition period. But even then, in a no deal scenario there wouldn’t be a transition period just a UK Exit’. Unless it was something else and an orderly departure can be agreed?

I’m not particularly concerned about the prospect of a no deal ‘because no one really knows the situation surrounding a no deal exit or how one would look like.

Many Brexit Predictions Since 2016 all Mostly Wrong!

The tremendous work by the Gibraltar Government Brexit team throughout the last two years, during some tough and often arduous negotiations with the Spanish government cannot be underestimated. Not helped by a chaotic backdrop of the unholy political mess in the motherland... still raging!

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