Support for ‘face to face’

The Voice of Gibraltar Group welcomes the Panorama’s article published on the 17th December 2018 calling for a face to face between the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and leader of the opposition Keith Azopardi, which will clarify the BREXIT situation concerning our home land. 

We the Voice of Gibraltar Group have been approached by our home land citizens that substantial amount of news are being released by UK and Spain but still not sure on our future, consequently in return the Voice of Gibraltar Group inform them that we should not pay any attention to the Spanish press, because the only thing they do when they have problems within their own country is to pull a smoke screen and attack our home land.

We Gibraltarians should stand easy and wait and have faith in our politicians like we have done for so many years and we have always savvied to all the Spanish Government pressure and harassment.

British we are and British we will stay and, the Spanish flag will never fly on our home land.

The voice of Gibraftar Group will like to wish citizens a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Julio Pons and Eddie Bonfante,