As the New Year dawns

Carmen Gomez

Carmen Gomez Diary

Come the New Year, it’s a time to plan for the year ahead. In the life of this small nation of ours, I would like to think that we not only leave behind us certain negative attitudes which have troubled us incessantly; but be resolute in our resolve to demand that the UK give us clear and concise answers to our questions. 

I am sure that many of you will agree that the business of our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters needs to be addressed without any further delay. We cannot enter into yet another year having to contend with the same feelings of outrage, indignation and frustration that illegal incursions into our waters bring. If David Liddington said in his day that “We have chosen not to do this” on the question of claiming the extra twelve nautical miles, we must ask “why not” and demand an answer!

If in July 2016 he said that the UK was “confident” of the UK`s sovereignty over our waters; continuing to call Spanish incursions “violations” instead of flagrant breaches of sovereignty; we must again demand to know how we stand and call for more decisive action.

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