Poor New Year honours

It has been a poor New Year honours awards for Gibraltar. In fact, only one award could truly be regarded as a Queen's honour award.

An official statement about the awards said: "Her Majesty The Queen has granted the following National Honours..." 

One of which was an MBE which is a Queen's Honour. At a push a Queen's Police Medal could be so classified, and then there was an Overseas Territories Medal.

Even if you class them all together, it is a total of three but not at the top of the list.

Following this, the offiial statement made it clear that another three awards were "On behalf of the Gibraltar Honours Board, His Excellency the Governor, Lt Gen Edward Davis CB CBE KStJ, has awarded the Gibraltar Award."

Of course, that was the Governor giving a local award, not The Queen, but some reporting mixed everything up, when in fact it was all quite a poor New Year honours awards.

Let's put things in their right perspective, and if anything, ask for more in future...not less!


Telecoms monopoly

It doesn't seem right that in this day and age there should be monopolistic situations, but one such monopoly has recently been aired following a court case.

The judge made the comment that monopolies or near monopolies posed potential dangers in the telecoms sector, as that is what the case was about - telecommunications. 

GibFibreSpeed had requested access to the Gibtel's data centre, similar to that given to another company. But the ruling was that the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority had no power to do so!

So, in this and in other monopolistic or near monopolistic situations still prevalent in Gibraltar, whether in telecommunications or something else,it is the consumer and businesses who can be made to suffer.

Such is the situation in Gibraltar in 2019! Not a very happy new year...