Employment agencies

Dear Sir,

Firstly, I would make it clear that I do not belong to any political party. The opinions expressed are my own.

This is in reference the employment agencies that have been established in Gibraltar. 

The agencies are the go between of the government and the employee, with the result of an employee contracted directly by the Government and an employee via the agency have of different scale of pay. They are exactly doing the same job description. This is cheap labour by the back door.

It remains to clarify whose brain wave this idea is.

Also as regards the minimum wage being paid in Gibraltar compared to the minimum wage paid in UK.

Gibraltar is £6.75 whereas UK is £7.78 this is £1.03 difference.

It is not too far in the past the TGWU made a claim for parity of wages with the UK. This was headed by Mr Joe Bossano, who said parity was possible. After a general strike parity was achieved.

My question is, where has parity with UK wages gone?

Emilio Duarte