Chief Minister calls on Chairman of European Popular Party to clarify what he said

In a letter to Manfred Weber MEP, the Chief Minister has asked Mr Weber, the Chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP), to comment on remarks attributed to him in the Spanish Press. Europa Press quoted Mr Weber as saying that, ‘the problem of Gibraltar is also a European problem and “we” are with Spain.’ 

In his letter, the Chief Minister asked Mr Weber to confirm that these quotes were correctly attributed and, if so, to whom the word ‘we’ referred.

Mr Picardo’s letter points out in the firmest of terms that, ‘There is no “Gibraltar problem”. The only problem seems to be that Spanish politicians do not accept that the people of Gibraltar have repeatedly chosen in free and fair referenda to remain British.’

The letter goes on to say that, ‘By saying the EPP ‘sides with Spain,’ Mr Weber seems to be saying that Gibraltarians should not be consulted over the transfer of sovereignty to Spain against their wishes. It reads, ‘This would be a complete denial of the principle of self-determination, an inalienable human right which we enjoy under the doctrine of the decolonisation of non-self-governing territories.’

Finally, the Chief Minister points out that the Gibraltarians are a people ‘who are overwhelmingly in support of Europe and of the European project.’

The letter, which was sent today and copied to the leaders of Germany’s CSU and CDU political parties, ends with Mr Picardo calling on Mr Weber to clarify exactly what he said in respect of Gibraltar during his recent visit to Spain.