What was meant to be a friendly act in the Campo area, attended by the chief minister Fabian Picardo, has received nothing but the most 'profound repulse and energetic protest' from the right-wing Spanish party 'Vox'.

Picardo was described as 'an individual who leads the last anachronistic colony that remains in Europe.' 

The event took place on Tuesday at a hotel in Los Barrios organised by the 'Asociacion Mar del Sur' to which were invited well-known personalities of the Campo's business, political world and others, mainly from La Linea, 'with interests in the colony.'

'Vox' objects that 'the political representative of the British colony in Spain' should have gone there to speak to those selected to attend. For this Spanish party, Picardo is not welcomed in the Campo area, as they think he is taking advantage of the social-economic inequalities, and even go back in time to attack him for dumping concrete blocks 'in our waters,' as Vox describes British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, and also using other choice phrases such as that Mr Picardo has been 'threatening our fishermen in our waters.'

The right-wing party profoundly objects that Spanish people, well-known in the Campo area, should throw themselves in the arms of 'este personaje'.

According to 'Vox', Gibraltar is nothing, as Gibraltar without the Campo would not exist. As such, the Spanish party says that in the not too distant future, they will take action to show that the Campo will be able to live with its own identity and without Picardo & Company.