Who understands the reality of Gibraltar’s situation?

Leo Olivero

Brexit in Volatile Moment

The Brexit situation is as volatile as it has ever been. People all over the world particularly in Europe – want to know how Brexit will unfold and not just the managing of its specific effects but to gain insight into what is likely to happen. Particularly, if other upcoming political goings on in the UK tip the vote in favour of negative agendas.

And while all these global concerns about Brexit were gathering momentum among the world’s political and social divide, back here in Gibraltar this week, the Chief Minister, obviously to pacify the misplaced intentions of some, had to convene two full cabinet meetings on Monday and Tuesday to ‘discuss the issue of the agency workers’ and at the same time issue a government press release explaining that because of “intensive demands” of the Brexit agenda the Government had to delay the “in-depth consideration” of the issue of agency workers.

You would have thought anyone in Gibraltar, especially those holding responsible positions in life, that ‘Government Brexit Demands’ over the last two years were obvious to all and needed no statement from the government to justify the huge political efforts involved. And why in my opinion, the statement from No 6 should also have stated the issue of the agency workers ‘IS NOT IMPORTANT FOR THE ROCK’S FUTURE’. But that’s my opinion, which probably explains why I am not a politician!

The Gibraltar Government Brexit team led by the Chief Minister is now in London to discuss very important and delicate Brexit matters and potentially take decisions, which may affect the lives of every single one us and not just a few agency workers. This is the reality of the situation!