Shameful way how refurbishing is being done

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of the tenants of Bishop Canilla House, which is being refurbished by the main contractor Bovis Koala. 

Most of the work has been sub-contracted to Spanish contractors. It is a shameful way, how the refurbishing is being carried out.

Firstly the erection of the balconies was delayed at least one month, as they have stayed short of materials!

Then the constructor who were changing the windows have left it half done.

And the most outstanding delays is to do with the plastering of the balconies, which has been left halfway done. From day to the next the constructor plastering the balconies and the face of the building were either laid off or left of their own accord. It is way over a month that no work on the plastering has been done.

We have been suffering the scaffolding since January 2018. The information I have is that the conclusion date will be February 2019, this remains to be seen, as there is no workman actively working on the plastering of the balconies. I again repeat it is a disgrace how this works is being carried out.

Yours faithfully,

Emilio Duarte