Leo Olivero
Ambush leaves base after welcome flurry of nuclear submarine activity

HMS Ambush after 14 days in port, quite a lengthy downtime for any Royal Navy vessel or boat, but nevertheless a welcome one. HMS Ambush left Gibraltar just before the weekend fully provisioned,

routine minor repairs we understand were also completed, including a refreshed crew who have surely taken in the fresh westerly breeze of late before they set sail into open seas and the great dive into the deep. 

Ambush like its sister boat HMS Astute is one of the Navy’s most advanced submarines it also departs today after being topped up with its quota of Tomahawk cruise missiles, along with a similar set of torpedoes for good measure.

With the departure of Ambush, one of the UK’s nuclear underwater deterrents, the visit will be the third nuclear submarine to arrive in Gibraltar in less than six weeks with HMS Trident who was in port in early December followed by HMS Astute a few days after!

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