Brexit, a Potential Crisis

Leo Olivero
Brexit, a Potential Crisis

With the public having experienced a number of political ‘High Noon’ Brexit days of reckoning over the past 6 months. You wonder if the big day in London today is going to be any different when the various UK Brexit political factions square up to each other in the Commons later this afternoon. 

Potential Crisis?

Prime Minister Theresa May will certainly be kept on her toes; she is expected to face a series of crisis votes. There could be a potential crisis for the UK and Gibraltar, a potential crisis for Brexit and also a potential crisis for May and her party as an entire dramatic turn of events could dramatically alter the whole Brexit process when voting results are known! So as the title of this report suggests ‘Nothing Should be Assumed’

As I read in one report: will today be a “high noon” moment or just another staging post in the chaotic impasse-gripping parliament? This will very much depend on what happens and while the complications of Brexit get more intertwined into political nothingness!

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