Opposition out of its depth in Parliament and on Brexit

Leo Olivero
Opposition out of its depth in Parliament and on Brexit

There are moments where the political class must stand up and put the interests of what is right before the interests of what scores most political points, it doesn’t always happen! 

Rarely has Gibraltar been in greater need of an effective opposition, although sadly our needs in the latter sense, will be left wanting for the foreseeable future as was proven by the weak and irresponsible exhibition by the GSD Opposition this week in Parliament when voting against the historic and hugely important Gibraltar Brexit withdrawal legislation.

In one of the most significant moments in modern parliamentary history the official opposition party were absent, not in body, but certainly in logical intelligent minds.

The opposition instead of arriving and taking up their privileged seats in an honest and discernible manner and with thoughts only focused in undertaking their parliamentary responsibility in the best interest of Gibraltar. They did the opposite yet again by taking instructions from the totally lost and mistaken none elected party leader hidden a few minutes away. In chamber they were like blind parliamentary disciples voting against the Government en masse on such a decisive national issue and during an historical political moment!

Marlene Hassan, The Only Positive Sign of Optimism on the Opposition Benches

At least, there was one positive sign of optimism for the opposition in Gibraltar. Although not from the GSD benches but further along the bench line at the end where independent member Marlene Hassan Nahon recognising the national importance of day, displayed bucket loads more statesmanship mentality in her intervention and in voting with the government on the 123 page Bill to repeal the European Communities Act on the day the UK and Gibraltar leave the European Union. A Bill moved by Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia.