GFA score own goal


Some time ago I decided to rest my pen, but now and again my fans would urge my return. That was the day in a local bar where two Englishmen were discussing me, one saying to the other that I was French because Lagrande could be so pronounced; it can only be Spanish, said the other. But in truth, it is neither. 

So, I come back in the middle of a mess about the inept way those football tickets have been sold, which even the seller, the GFA, recognise it was unacceptable.

Surely they knew what they were planning, so why did they not prepare properly for the Big Day? No excuses, old boy, the GFA have scored an own goal, and are now the laughing stock of Europe. All the way to Europa Point.

Already, Gibraltar had obtained a bad press in all the Irish papers, it would seem, for insisting in playing a UEFA qualifier in what was described as a tiny, weeny stadium, which raises the question that if we want to go big time, we ought to have built the big stadium at Europa Point, which was sabotaged by you-know-who.

So, now we have the spectacle of the GFA extending their 'sincerest apologies' for the mess of their own creation.

Oh dear.

The GFA had been insisting that the home match should take place at home, which is only reasonable, but they have ended up infuriating the local fans.

Let's face it, the GFA may have wanted to ensure that local fans could see their team in action in our own stadium, but it has to be accepted that Ireland is also entitled to have their own supporters backing their team.

What people are saying is that if the GFA cannot get something that simple right, are they ready for big time football?

In the end, and even before the end, the GFA has been getting stick from the Irish; and now from the local fans as well.

Clearly, they've lost the match...