Gibraltar's Success at Berlin World Money Fair

The participation of Gibraltar in the World Money Fair in Berlin this year built up on the success of the past three years.

The Gibraltar stand provided collectors’ items in coins and currency, which found a steady stream of interested customers queuing up to buy Gibraltar products and, given that last year the stock of items taken over was sold out, the quantity was doubled this year.

 However, the increased demand this year meant that the stock was also sold out in the three days of the event.

Minister Sir Joe Bossano addressed the forum and for the presentation Gibraltar was given the slot after China’s and before Canada's, both mayor players in the market. This ensured a large audience. The presentation of Gibraltar's planned products for the coming year and recent products of the past was very well received.

Sir Joe Bossano told the audience that although Gibraltar would be leaving the European Union in March this year, it would still be supplying its customers with new products in 2019, through its partnership with the top firms in the coin collection world. Based in Germany, they are the number one and number two providers in Europe and are now heavily involved in selling Gibraltar commemorative coins and circulating coin commemorative packs as collectible items.

A series of one-to-one meetings were held over the three days of the event in order to plan future issues with existing partners and create new partnerships, which will start producing business in 2019 and 2020.

These increasing numbers of partnerships in the network selling Gibraltar products means that sales turnover has been steadily increasing every year since Gibraltar started addressing the forum and participating in the fair.

Staff from the Treasury and the Ministry of Economic Development operated the Gibraltar stand. They worked almost non-stop over the three days, dealing with requests for Gibraltar products in all areas, with customer enquiries and selling the stock of items taken to Berlin.