Major refurbishment of Bishop Canilla House

Major refurbishment of Bishop Canilla House

The Ministry for Housing says its refurbishment programme and upgrade of housing stock with its most recent project, a major refurbishment of Bishop Canilla House. 

This block was originally completed in August 2000, and has from the outset, caused tenants to suffer from rainwater penetration problems as a result of defective and substandard construction. The Housing Department has continuously received complaints water ingress and damp. On this basis this administration decided to proceed with a major refurbishment of this building before it fell into further disrepair.

Accordingly, it was announced by the Minister for Housing Samantha Sacramento MP in her 2017 budget speech.

The major refurbishment works consist of;

• the installation of external wall insulation system

• the replacement of all roof coverings and glass atrium

• improvements to the accessibility of the building to assist those with disabilities and mobility issues

• the replacement of all windows with double-glazing and roller blinds

• the enclosure of all balconies with provision for tenants to install air conditioning units

• the redecoration of all common areas, including the replacement of the floor tiles

• the installation of a sun pergola at the rear patio area