2019 Register of Electors gets an upgrade

PANORAMA reporter

A press call by Paul E Martinez, Clerk to the Parliament, was held yesterday to explain the latest developments regarding the launch of the canvass for the 2019 Register of Electors and the introduction of an online voter registration programme. 

A ‘new, fast and simple one-off process that speeds up voter registration’ was introduced to ‘make things easier’ and allows people to ‘register and amend their particulars online’.

It was announced that canvass forms were prepared and sent out last week and all households can expect to receive their canvass forms this week.

Households can expect to either receive a ‘dark blue form’, already containing the particulars of residents, or a ‘light blue form’ for residences where the people living there are unknown. It was added that all households will be having a flyer sent with these forms, introducing the eRegister, and guide lining the process of registering online. Individuals can either send their forms in their pre-paid envelopes or alternatively, register online.

The differences between this register and previous registers were highlighted. ‘We are moving from a closed register where before, it was published every four years and you couldn’t change any particulars during the course of those four years...this is now what we call a living document. It is an open register, the register remains open all the time and it just closes five days before election.’