Big Fish in a Small Bowl

Dear Sir,

There are certain members of our small community who act like big fish in a small bowl. These are the letter writers who wait until a poor guy writes in expressing an opinion on any issue and these know-alls jump in to prove them wrong. 

I believe these know-alls are usually bookworms who do not know much about anything else and suffer from an inferiority complex as they seem to have an ever-present need to prove that they are superior in intellect to everybody else by proving everybody else wrong.

In fact, it is a well-known psychological fact that a superiority complex results from a badly-resolved inferiority complex.

It is possible to gather in a lifetime a lot of book knowledge. So these fellows are full of other people’s opinions but rarely have a legitimate opinion garnered from their own experience. They therefore use a lot of other writer’s quotes, proverbs, poems etc to illustrate their point.

Apart from their own palpable and tangible lack of originality they also show a material and practical deficiency as we often find that these so-called intellectuals cannot even fix a tap or carry out any of the many small tasks in which lesser mortals are quite proficient.

It is obvious that their level of knowledge is not commensurate to their level of being as a person and quite often, they can be fastidious and easily get annoyed when contradicted.

I will not mention any names and as the great Mr. Manolo Mascarenhas used to say in his radio programme during Franco’s closure of the frontier called ‘PALABRAS AL VIENTO’ y que lo recoja el que se siente indentificado.

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully

Tito Valerga