GSD ideas for the award and supervision of public contracts

by Belinda Cano

In a press conference held yesterday, the GSD proposed their ideas on a new system for awarding and managing public service contracts. This would include the allocation of ‘fair and transparent’ contracts which ‘reduce the risk of abuse’ and fall under three phases – application, award and supervision.

 The system would also apply to companies wholly owned or controlled by the Government (such as GJBS) and public authorities or statutory public bodies (such as the GSLA and the GHA).

Under application, public contracts would undergo new rules ‘to safeguard transparency and fairness’. This includes the requirement of persons ‘to disclose whether they or a close family member are members of any political party of are related to any Government minister or senior civil servant’. Rules would also be revised on who is entitled to apply for public contracts and there will be a review to ensure that more small contracts are advertised ‘openly and in a timely manner’.


The GSD also pledged for the creation of an Allocation Board, consisting of senior civil servants and independent members, to decide and publish reasons for the award of contracts. There would be monthly public meetings for the consideration of applications and to announce its tender awards. Factors accounted for in awards would be ‘set out in a set of fully transparent revised criteria against which applications will be judged’.

It was added that a public searchable online register would also be available of all successful and unsuccessful tenderers. The creation of new panels would assist the provision of legal, accountancy, audit and tax work. These would be ‘determined by the Attorney General and Financial Secretary respectively following the drafting of eligibility guidelines that have the approval of the Chief Secretary’.