Spain needs the UK not the other way around

It was in 1997 when Gibraltar already envisaged a future status with the EU possible under some type of special arrangement. What a turn for the books! Having said this, if Spain had not vomited yet another lot of vile, the obvious answer would have been to give Gibraltar membership of the customs union and single market by special protocol; a bespoke arrangement like other EU microstates enjoy, such as Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican City and Andorra. 

But Madrid is not attentive to its 8,000 frontier workers, nor the money Gibraltar adds to its Andalucian coffers; and thinks it a price worth paying to overrun this historical oversight.

When I wrote an article back in 2013 under the title “A white Spain and a black Spain;” I depicted two different ways of envisaging the reality and the history of Spain, as seen in painting through the eyes of the Spanish artists Sorolla and Zuloaga; two visions for a turn of the century.

A vision that Arturo Perez Reverte the war correspondent and author, described as that of a historically sick country; a country that the European Union now vehemently supports to our detriment and that of the UK; a country that seeks to ruin not only our way of life, but our aspirations, by taking away our freedom to choose. Even though Spain has in the past found itself on Europe’s black list of nations without liberties! Does anyone care?


The darkness of Zuloaga represents deep rooted traditions which resurface in many ways. Spanish politicians have convinced themselves of their lies, to the extent that they believe them to be true; as Georges Simenon once said, “those who invent morals; who define and impose them; end up believing in them.”

Back in 2017, a member of the foreign affairs think tank Real Instituto ElCano, Otero Iglesias, said “The time when the British Empire used to decide the rules of the game was back in the 19th century.” Well, one could similarly say that “The time when Spain enjoyed its Golden Age; the embodiment of the rule Spanish dominance; was back in the 14th century.” So where are they coming from with this arrogant, pathetic attitude, of not only pretending it is the fourth major power in Europe, but the belief that it can still play a lead role in the so called relaunch of the European project when they can’t even approve their budget?


Being over ambitious was always their downfall. Spain’s foreign policy in the days of King Philip 11 made her one of the great European powers. But their problem has always been and still is today, that when things don’t go their way, they are cruel in their pursuit. They are haunted by the way they are perceived i.e. their “Leyenda Negra.” But the reality is there for all to see. In 1572, their anger was directed against Mechelen, a rich city which they plundered, for the simple reason that the Duke of Alba thought it would help to quiet his troops, as they had not received pay in a long time. This was to be followed by the sack of Antwerp; otherwise known as the Spanish Fury of Antwerp, in 1576.

The savagery of the sack went down as of the greatest massacre in Belgian history. Once more, the principal cause was the delayed payment due to the soldiers. King Philip 11 of Spain had declared bankruptcy. The bankers refused to perform the transaction until a compromise had been received. The Spanish soldiers, angry at fighting without rest or pay, decided to find for themselves their belated pay by looting. Altogether, history relates that 17,000 men women and children were murdered.

What has been their strategy towards us? Has it ever been a show of good will in order to encourage us to see them in a different light? The answer is no. Their quest has been to subjugate our people and ruin our economy from day one with threats; disseminating lies through their media; and their worst ever possible crime against a small nation; to isolate us by closing their side of the border with us, for sixteen long years.

I hear some say but that was when Spain was a dictatorship. Well, “Lock them in and throw away the key” is still heard at so called “democratic” Spanish political forums today! Spain’s instability has to be the focus of any intelligent government worth its salt. Three elections in four years!

This is the country, ladies and gentlemen who flexes its muscles against the UK which; according to a US News survey of 21,000 business leaders, informed elites, and general citizens; is considered is a hugely developed nation that exerts considerable International economic, political, scientific and cultural influence. The UK is considered a leading trading power and the 2nd largest economy in Europe after Germany, whilst Spain stands in 22nd place.

In terms of military strength Spain is dwarfed, out manned, outgunned and out trained, in all respects i.e. the army, navy and air force. Spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. The UK is Spain’s biggest trading partner; they have much more to lose. Spain needs the UK! Not the other way around.

Dire straits

In the face of this and the fact that the EU‘s leading member states are at present in dire straits, I ask myself; why has the UK not gone all guns a blazing, and firstly told Spain where to get off; informed the EU to put them back in their box as happened recently and to leave Gibraltar well alone; and told the EU whose leaders famously said there would be no favours coming by the EU leaders in Brexit negotiations; that the feeling is mutual and threaten to walk away without giving them a penny?