GBC and public money

Dear Sir,

With the long anticipated move of GBC to new premises at Jumpers Bastion due this year, I question whether the Government has been upfront about the cost of this and been clear on who is footing the bill. 

In his first budget speech in 2012, on the subject of GBC, the Chief Minister stated that “the future funding for the corporation should not, however, be forever from the public purse”.

Yet in the years that have followed, the public funding of GBC has only continued to increase despite the fact that many Gibraltarians now have more alternative choices for news, television and radio than ever before.

According to the Government's 2018 budget, GBC funding now stands at a record £4.7million a year which is the equivalent of almost £150 a year for every single resident of Gibraltar.

As someone who makes no use of GBC’s services, is it fair that such a large amount of my annual taxes are paid into something that I reap no value from. I would prefer to see my money invested in social care for our younger community.

Yours truly,

Sandra Haynes