Suddenly, the noisy brigade shut up without explanation...


Once upon a time there were complaints about nuclear submarines calling at Gibraltar, but such noises have ceased. One should ask why the said groups were so vociferous, and why they are no longer heard? 

This should not be taken to mean that I am in favour or against submarine calls. What I am against is for some people to stir things up when it suits them for reasons best known to themselves, and then to shut up without explanation.

Many people will ask why such groups should cause upset and concern to the population at large if they then call it a day without explanation?

Indeed, what credibility do such groups - and others - have in the case of submarines or anything else.

The latest craze is to hold walkouts. Presumably when they have run out of steam they will simply go home and have a snooze, leaving behind the debris of their endeavours.

Do I make myself clear, or should I also stage a walkout about something that concerns me, and then call it a day one of these days?

The submarines keep coming, even for longer stays, and not a whimper from the old submarine brigade.

What a carry on!