We must have the same rights as others

Dear Sir,

We, the Voice of Gibraltar Group, are being approached by citizens in relation to the Brexit situation asking deferent questions, one of the main Questions is where would we stand if there is no Brexit deal? 

We, the Voice of Gibraltar Group, hope that if there is a no Brexit deal, that any other nationality i.e. Spanish crossing the border will have to present to the relevant authorities the same documentation as any other Gibraltarians travelling into Spain. Also we are very concerned on our driving documentation not being recognized by the Spanish authorities and if that is the case our own authorities should not recognize there’s two.

What will happen to all those Gibraltarian families living in the Campo area, will they be stranded with no accommodation, will it be the same problem likewise back in 1969 where Gibraltarians had to be accommodated in Town Range Military Accommodations, also our GHA procedure taking patients to private hospitals to be seen, or we shall have to revert to the old days where all patients had to travel to UK, also goods imported into our land - will that also be affected if there is a no Brexit deal? Well we, the Voice of Gibraltar Group, encourage Government to purchase any kind of goods via other means.

Spanish warship incursions, UK should deploy a naval warship to safeguard our British Gibraltar territorial waters and stop the Spanish incursions which are getting out of hand or are we waiting for a serious accident or death to happen?

The issue of land reclamation, this is our homeland and nobody should tell us what to do. On the contrary, we should reclaim more land and avoid Spanish labour and construction materials from Spain. Consequently, by doing this, they have no issues to complain of. To summarise, all Gibraltarians depending what political party we support, should get together if things get complicated and support the Government and Governor in power.

The Voice of Gibraltar Group are ready to peacefully walk out if we don’t have the same rights as all other citizens coming into our homeland every single day, let us be clear if we suffer everyone else should suffer the restrictions.

Remember support the Voice of Gibraltar Group BRITISH WE ARE, BRITISH WE WILL STAY, VIVA GIBRALTAR AND THEIR PEOPLE and let’s think of our children and grandchildren’s future, and remember that we Gibraltarians are the Voice of Gibraltar.

J Pons & E Bonfante,