Europeans blinded by Spanish anti-Gibraltar propaganda

Mark Viales

Brexit negotiations have been hard on the Rock as we take second fiddle in our own matters and ‘Big Brother’ assures us of protection against Spanish opportunism.

The EU’s decision to empower Spain with a veto over Brexit issues relating to Gibraltar and to exclude the Rock from negotiations sent a stark warning. Europe supports Spain and Gibraltar is nothing more than a bargaining chip. 

But why is there so little sympathy or knowledge for our cause and right to self-determination amongst most Europeans who are aware of the Rock’s existence?

Little is known of the Gibraltarians’ formulation as a people following the evacuation, notwithstanding the years of battling through Spanish oppression against Franco and thereafter.

When it comes to Europe, Gibraltar is seen as either Spanish, or as a money laundering tax haven symbolizing the lasting remnants of British colonialism.

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