Gibraltar festival for young musicians continues to succeed

David J Diaz


The Gibraltar Festival For Young Musicians (GIBFYM) is one of those events that you definitely DO NOT want to miss, it is full of young talent and more importantly they are all hungry, passionate and want to continue excelling in their chosen instruments or their vocal ability.

This year’s edition was no different and I dare say I was also a little surprised but more on that later.. I will be highlighting each performer individually and by their category.


First up was Nicholas Anson. Nicholas definitely knew how to kick off the show! Under the guidance and tutelage of the ever experienced Peter Chichon; Nicholas is on the right track and his technique is spot on the mark and in the right place.

On piano Darius Oliva was next up. Darius has really evolved and it shows. Between his fingering and his presence as well as professionalism we are definitely onto a winner with young Darius. One for the future, in my opinion.

One of the first vocal performances on the night was handled by Gino Ochello. Gino’s timing and tone is spot on and with the right teaching, he will only get better from here.

Siddarth Lakhiani is in no doubt on my mind a prodigy. His skills are simply flawless and dare I say, I even felt a little envious! Jokes aside, his performance was very good and just like Darius his professionalism really shone through.

It is hard not to imagine Elisha Lang as this young girl who appeared on La Voz Kids in 2015 or as the young girl who would perform at many events across Gibraltar. NOW Elisha is a young woman whose voice still gives one the goosebumps. She has really developed and grown in more ways than one.

Sarah Popham was the last in this category and nerves were visible but that doesn’t tarnish how great her performance was. Sarah is another one who has a bright future.


Giving the fact that the majority of the children were all enjoying themselves I really do feel they were all winners here. St Paul’s First School had a lot of rhythm and consistency whereas Loreto Convent both First and Middle School had great enthusiasm and coordination. The Middle School’s mashup was a thing of beauty! Props to all the children that performed and of course to their teachers.

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