Leo Olivero
Putting Gibraltar First

The most important issue since the Second World War ‘BREXIT’ is just about to come into full bloom, how pretty it will look is yet to be determined.

I’m sure most people who think like me believe that the last thing Gibraltar needs in this ultra competitive world is a tug-of-war between the major stakeholders in our society!

We are all currently walking on thin ice, uncertainties are a plenty, not only in Gibraltar but also abroad. All of us seem to be practically facing the same threat. As a nation and ‘Putting Gibraltar First’ as the title of this report implies, is about devising new ways of performing a perfect balancing act on the very precarious tight rope we appear to be walking on. At least until matters and other important related national issues, presently under the Brexit cloud become clearer and comes into focus!

The Alternative Government

For starters, the Opposition has to change its mentality and stop trying to pinch political mileage at every turn. A responsible mature opposition would not accuse the government for instance, for not doing this and that or failing to honour certain electoral promises. Since the GSLP/Liberal manifesto was drawn up nearly four years ago, the world, especially Europe has gone topsy-turvy and what was probably feasible then would be sheer madness today.

Gibraltar is not out of the woods. I’m sure there are many national battles ahead that we shall have to fight together. And why an intelligent opposition, should by now have got its act together and provide the people of Gibraltar with an alternative vision, instead of taking constant point scoring pot shots at every opportunity.

Many are of the opinion that the main duties of the opposition is to criticise the government of the day, but shouldn’t this criticism be more constructive and offer alternative solutions?

Is the main function of an alternative government to really oppose anything at all costs?

Shouldn’t the responsibilities and duties of the alternative government be more guided by the common good rather than by partisan politics?

For the latter reason alone, shouldn’t the alternative government be given a better and more suitable name rather than “Opposition”?

We can only hope that common sense prevails for the common good, especially during these Brexit changing times. Its not a crises now by any means, but it does need to be managed and with barrel loads of common sense in every aspect of life, and not just from a governmental or political sense, but from a socially moral perspective!

Unite The Union From ‘One End of the Relationship Scale to the Other’

Take ‘Unite Union’ for instance. Since the new year, they suddenly realised that something had gone wrong, there was an apparent deterioration in relations with the Government that went ‘from one end of the relationship scale to the other’ with public demonstrations, sudden walk-outs and verbally inflated statements galore!

The latter comment generally confirmed by Unite general secretary Len McCluskey who was on the Rock last week trying to secure and advise on a balance approach. McCluskey spoke about how the local branch of the union was remodelling its relationship with the Gibraltar Government. He also warned against the union sliding into too comfortable a relationship with the government and failing to protect members.

The Unite leader suggested that a new model for its relationship with government was needed. Most people would agree to that, particularly the workers themselves. But having said that, this must also be an intelligent model, which not only meets the workers needs, but the needs of Gibraltar, the latter being the bigger picture of significance and meaning!

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