How Gibraltar has given ‘control’ to Spain

Joe Garcia

Talking point

In the Tax Treaty just concocted, Gibraltar has lost control - and that control has gone to Spain. Why do I say this? Read on. 

Looking back, the Chief Minister has always lost no time in proclaiming that there has been no cesssion of sovereignty, jurisdiction and control. For example when Gibraltar concluded the deal on the EU Gibraltar Protocol, Mr Picardo said that it 'contains absolutely no concessions on sovereignty, jurisdiction or control.' 

But just two days ago, when the full text of the Tax Agreement was announced it simply said that the agreement did not imply any modification of the respective positions of Spain or of the UK "with regard to sovereignty and jurisdiction in relation to Gibraltar."

In excluding 'control' presumably it meant that there could have been modifications as regards 'control' in relation to Gibraltar.In fact, Spain has been awarded much control in respect of many sensitive areas such as taxation, companies, beneficial ownerships, trusts, land registry etc, etc, etc.

So that the time-honoured phrase of 'sovereignty, jurisdiction and control' is no longer there.