Uncertainty Over New Vessels For Gib Squadron

Uncertainty Over New Vessels For Gib Squadron

In June last year Panorama exclusively broke the news the MOD had published the official EU tender for the much-needed procurement of two purposely designed and built Patrol Launches for the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron.

This was later confirmed by the MoD who said the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron procurement process had began for the upgrade of the Gib Squadron boats with two new purpose built vessels to replace HMS Scimitar and HMS Sabre. It was also announced the first of the new class vessels was expected to arrive in Gibraltar by the end of this year with second in 2020 with both vessels fully operational sometime next year.

Uncertainty Over New Gib Squadron Vessels Will They Arrive?

UK Panorama sources have confirmed there are ‘Serious Uncertainties’ about the project where it is believed the vessels in question are still at the drawing board stage, this can be seen from the drawing forwarded to Panorama (see illustration) of the supposed new type vessel made by one of the shipbuilders (Safehaven Marine) mentioned last year as one of the favourites to build the two vessels for the MoD in Gibraltar.

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