‘Brexit - What will it mean for your business?’

‘Brexit - What will it mean for your business?’

HM Customs held a talk yesterday for local businesses on the subject of ‘Brexit – What will it mean for your business’.

The talk was by Dr Lars Karlsson, an advisor to both the EU and UK Government on Customs, borders and trade matters related to Brexit. He also advises companies around the world whose business rely on cross-border trade. 

Dr Karlsson is Managing Director of KGH Global Consulting and has Government clients in more than 50 countries and more than 14,000 private sector clients, from multinationals to SMEs and he is one of the most well-known customs leading expert in the world with an extensive background over three decades in Customs and international trade policy. 

The event was opened by the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia and included an introduction by the Collector of Customs, John Rodriguez.

The event was completely non-political and will help attendees to understand the potential impact on business, to explore options and, last but not least, to define and prioritise what actions to take. Dr Karlsson answered questions on how businesses can prepare for the best and worst case scenarios.