Withdrawal Agreement Defeated Again... No ‘Deal Vote’ Beckons!

Leo Olivero

The AYES to the right – 242 

The NOES to the left – 391

Majority - 149

As was expected throughout yesterday’s proceedings, the second attempt by the UK Government to get the Brexit withdrawal agreement through the Commons was again heavily voted down!

The majority vote margin this time round was a slightly lower 149 votes with MPs voting by 391 to 242 to reject the deal, but still an emphatic defeat or the Prime Minister!

The writing was on the wall for Theresa May after Attorney General Geoffrey Cox earlier in the day made a clear admission that in his legal opinion the latest additions to the deal included hastily Monday left the UK still trapped in the Irish backstop.

Cox effectively bulldozed the PM’s case for a positive outcome. He also confirmed the UK could not leave the backstop unilaterally. But urged MPs from the commons dispatch box to support the deal. Which was a confusing thing to do, when in the same breath he was saying that in the reality little had changed regarding the backstop, comments in fact that made little sense and did nothing to garner votes for May’s long and unsuccessful Brexit quest!

Another nail in the withdrawal deal coffin following the advice by Cox was the European Research Group (ERG) and the Irish DUP party who confirmed they would not be backing May’s deal. This reaction also signalled another sizable defeat for the PM.

May Confirms Free Vote for Conservatives

Speaking in the House of Commons after her deal was defeated the PM confirmed that she would offer MPs the chance to say whether or not they back a No Deal Brexit.

Adding...Conservatives would have a "free vote" leaving it to their own conscience.