No-deal Brexit would be devastating, says Bishop in Europe

THE Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, Dr Robert Innes, has implored MPs to rule out a no-deal Brexit “decisively” and to vote for extending Article 50.

Dr Innes said that no-deal would be a “devastating outcome” for the UK. He was speaking on Wednesday before MPs were due to vote on it, after a second decisive defeat — by 149 votes — of the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement on Tuesday evening.

Dr Innes said: “I urge MPs to consider the British citizens who could face EU27 within weeks of a no-deal scenario, consider the vulnerable or elderly citizens who could lose their access to healthcare, the Erasmus-scheme students whose studies could be interrupted, the people whose jobs and livelihoods depend on a close relationship with the EU.”

If MPs rule out no-deal, there will then be a further vote Thursday on whether the Article 50 period should be extended and Brexit be delayed. Dr Innes said that he believed that this should happen.