Spain cannot batter Gibraltar to further its agenda!

Leo Olivero

Brexit this week has twisted British politics from the respected, sound and upright governmental law-making model, once the envy of global democracies for centuries, into the chaotic, incompetent and deceitful political play that has cast aside the ‘Interest of the British Public, including ours here in Gibraltar’. This has been achieved it seems by changing the concept of what most people thought Brexit was into the shambles of personal agenda’s, which is what UK politicians have made of it these past few days! 

Brexit today again, dominates news headlines everywhere. But for me it goes further then that because I relate much of the goings in London with the Spanish Government and the Gibraltar Brexit that Madrid would really like to have.

Personally, it also confirms much of what I have always known, believed and constantly thought of UK politicians and successive British Governments, as apposed to the Spanish variety back in Madrid and the nearby region. I have to say that as raw politics go with Brexit... I am now having difficulty finding a clear difference between London and Madrid!

Possible why... I am forever sceptical about recent positive political nuggets released locally regarding Brexit. No one need to be a political ‘Einstein’ to realise that if the British Public can be treated with total political disdain as they have this week in the Commons. Then what can we expect to receive back here in Gibraltar. Not only on Brexit but also on all other issues, especially those where a Spanish dimension involved! And why running daily commentaries on Brexit, particularly this week, will not convince the many, many people like me!

However, I totally agree with one comment by the Chief Minister made this week referring the chaotic scenes in the Commons augmenting he simply said “We Cannot Let Down Our Guard’. The CM is absolutely right we cannot let our guard down, in fact we should reinforce it to further safeguard Gibraltar even further, both from the Spanish and British Governments if this weeks appalling and deceitful political sceptical from Westminster is anything to go by.

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