The GRGA started the Competition season with Gold, Lauren Garcia being the star of the weekend.

On Saturday the Pre Benjamin Group which are only 5 years old (Sadie Gavizio, Amelie Lombard-Leiria, Cecilia Alarcon-Bravo, Suhaila Romero Pincho, Tiffany Byrne, Ella and Navarro Walsh competed for their first time and they performed a very sweet routine, and although they didn’t place they most definitely enjoyed the experience, and on the Sunday they travelled to Ronda where they placed on the podium with their first silver medal. 

The Benjamin Group (Celine Desoisa, Maryam Jalarbi, Sophia Wilkinson, Daniela Dean, Aniela Prudziencia, Maddie Roberts) did a great and fun routine in both Los Barrios and in Ronda. Although they did not place they looked great.

The Alevin C Group (Beatriz Sheppard Capurro, Neve Crossley, Noemi Olah, Jade Oliveria, Nora El Ouazani ) performed beautifully in both Los Barrios and Ronda they rocked their routine but did not place this time

At Ronda in the afternoon session, we saw the individuals competing.

Beatriz Sheppard Capurro (Alevin C) did a magnificent freehand performance and won Bronze.

Ava Porro (Alevin C) performed with the ball apparatus for the first time and won Bronze.

Jasmine Vaughan (Alevin Pre-Copa) also performed with the ball apparatus and despite the great routine a couple of unfortunate drops placed her 7th.

Thea Cawthorn (Alevin Copa) did a very smooth routine themed “Singing in the Rain” and placed 5th.

Mia Alvarez (Senior Hoop) her delightful routine placed her 5th.

Kylie Gavizo (Junior Copa Ribbon ) did a very elegant routine and placed her 7th.

Nyah Galia (Infantil A Hoop) managed to do a great routine for the first time with the hoop apparatus and won her Silver.

Teammate Lauren Garcia (Infantil A Hoop) was the star of the weekend, did a superb routine that won her Gold.

Well done to all and as always Thank You to all coaches.