GSD spread fear amongst those Gibraltarians who live in Spain, says Government

The statements from the GSD's Eliott Phillips on the Tax Treaty between Gibraltar and Spain, suggesting that the Government has made concessions to Spain in that Treaty, are clear lies, says a Government statement today.

It adds: "These are lies designed to mislead the public. They are also, disgracefully, lies designed to spread fear amongst those Gibraltarians who reside in Spain because, he claims, they cannot afford to live in Gibraltar." 

The Government adds that it has not made any concessions in the Tax Treaty on sovereignty, jurisdiction or control, and that it has not agreed anything to damage the rights of Gibraltarians who live in Spain. The fact of the matter is that Gibraltarians who live in Spain are TODAY ALREADY subject to Spanish tax.

If anyone lives in Spain but does not pay tax there, they are very likely in breach of Spanish tax law already, says the Government.

And adds: What the Tax Treaty will do - which is a huge benefit for Gibraltarians who live in Spain and are properly registered in that respect - is provide a right to double taxation relief. This relief is presently afforded by concession in most instances but there is no right to it. The Tax Treaty will provide a right to this unilateral double taxation relief.

Additionally, the Tax Treaty also provides other advantages for individuals, corporate entities and for Gibraltar as a nation. The Government therefore looks forward to dispelling any further lies the GSD may want to try to spread.