Ten Days Till Brexit End-Game...Next Week!

Leo Olivero

The exit door to one of the most high profile dominant news items for over two years, literally affecting many countless millions of people is now in sight. Today, we’re talking or reporting about potentially leaving the European Union in ‘Ten Days Time Friday 29 March’ that’s if the EU refuses to grant an extension and forces the UK and Gibraltar to leave next week! 

But there again, it could be 105 days to go, if UK Prime Minister Theresa May secures a “short technical” delay to June 30 or even a much lengthier 652 days much beyond next week and into the much talked about transition period right up to December 31 2020.

Brexit Now Firmly With the EU Whether the Commons Votes For Deal or Not

After last week’s crazy and nationally embarrassing going’s on in the Commons culminating in MP’s voting in favour for an extension to the Brexit process, nothing should shock anyone.

The ‘Brexit ball’ is effectively now in the EU’s court. A situation, not withstanding that this week T. May’s withdrawal deal get’s its third attempt to get pass the current UK parliament erratic voting brains, possible today or tomorrow’. After which, expect Theresa May to make a beeline to her stand-by Brussels bound plane and scamper back to the European Council to try and seek a delay to her withdrawal deal.

EU Summit Becomes Brexit Centre Stage – Another Epic Saga

The EU summit on Thursday and Friday this week now becomes ‘Brexit Centre Stage’ only days before the UK and Gibraltar are officially set to leave the European Union. Another epic Brexit saga is promised this week. But as important as it is, Brexit has become to the majority of people an unpalatable sickening period of their lives!

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