Postal confusion at Red Sands area

Dear Sir,

All letters addressed to RED SANDS ROAD end up in RED SANDS HOUSE and I, a tenant have to redeliver them to the rightful tenants in other blocks after getting their correct names and addresses from the telephone book.

Another problem is that all letters who just have the tenant’s flat number and ALAMEDA ESTATE ends up in ALAMEDA HOUSE. 

The problem in this estate is that we have two repetitions and Red Sands Road is confused with Red Sands House. And Alameda Estate gets confused by the posties with Alameda House.

There is a third problem of which many posties are not aware and their bosses do not seem to remember that in the olden days letters were addressed to each individual block by alternate numbers, it being the following:

1/ followed by flatnumberisblock Kingsway House.

3/ followed by flat number is block Alameda House.

5/ followed by flat number is block Victoria House

7/ followed by flat number is block Picton House.

9/ followed by flat number is block Red Sands House.

11/ followed by flat number is block Ross House.

13/ followed by flat number is block Governor’s Meadow House.

A fourth problem is that we do not get the same established postie every day to deliver the mail in this estate and the constant change in numbers may be contributing to the said confusion which is due to lack of correct information.

A fifth problem is that people who own private houses at the tail end of Red Sands Road and is considered the South of Red Sands Road have all their letters delivered to Red Sands House which again I undertake to re-deliver correctly.

In any case, it is not up to me to fix this problem. My aim is justto highlight it so that the relevant authority trains old and new posties all the above.

God only knows how many letters containing important documents, cheques and other items get lost as people just put the letters that do not belong to them on top of the letter boxes which in turn either get blown by the wind or end up entangled with all the junk mail which finds its way to the dustbin.

Tito Valerga of No. 15, Red Sands House. Alameda Estate. Gibraltar. Tel: 200-77949