Memories from Australia

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Australia.

I left Gibraltar, my home, some 50 years ago. I have revisited Gib many times, though it has been quite some years since I last set foot on my beloved Rock. 

Reading Ms Carmen Gomez’s column titled Memories, I was reminded of that one specific scent which I first became aware of when I was still at Bishop Fitzgerald School. My mum would walk my brother and me during summer days before the hot midday sun from Cumberland Road to what was to me then a fantastic rocky sea shore, where I would clamber among rocks chasing skinny crabs! Some weekends my dad would take me fishing and we would catch pechanitos!

Sorry I digressed. I am referring to the unmistakable and almost beautifully intoxicating scent which wafts into the exit end of the second tunnel which leads onto the old quarry. Or as I affectionately remember it El Cuary. The scent is a fusion of the summery smell given off by the fig trees at the entrance to the tunnel, the ocean breeze, and dare I say a slight humid rancio smell lingering in the tunnel, the resulting scent of these three elements combined have stayed with me for all of my life.

I pray that contrary to the all too true gist of Ms Gomez’s interesting column, I will once again, soon I hope, walk through those two tunnels and be smacked by the most beautiful and enduring on scents I have ever experienced.

Kind regards,

Manuel Correa