'Revoke, Referendum and Remain' best for Gibraltar, says Picardo

Indicative moves from Government and Opposition

The Gibraltar government says it notes the vote of the House of Commons to hold indicative votes today on options for Brexit that might break the impasse that has arisen in the Westminster Parliament. 

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said:

"It is remarkable to think that, with days left for the original date of Brexit this Friday, we are still no closer to knowing the final outcome of what the British Parliament will decide should be the shape of the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union.

"In any other context, this result would be considered unacceptable. Gibraltar has a plan for every eventuality. We are ready to implement the Withdrawal Agreement, we are ready to deal with the fall out of a 'no deal' exit and we are hopeful for a potential, although as yet unlikely, revocation of the Article 50 notification, a further referendum and the option of remaining in the EU.

"We continue to be in contact with UK Ministers and officials as we ensure we are not caught by surprise by any outcome. As I told our own Parliament, the 3Rs of 'Revoke, Referendum and Remain would be the best options for us.

"I have signed the petition for a revocation of the Article 50 notification. I have put the link on my social media page. I invite both remainers and leavers to unite and join with me in signing the petition to take back control of Brexit and then determine the best way forward.

"I continue to back remain or - if we must leave - that we should leave on the basis of the deal we have negotiated and which protects Gibraltar's interests."