Unite raises concerns with Elliott Phillips’ comments in Parliament

At a time when extreme right wing politics is flourishing in Europe, Unite the Union views with extreme concerns the comments made by the leader of opposition, Elliott Phillips during the Parliamentary session of 25th March.

Today we are seeing how an extreme right wing party in Spain, Vox, is influencing the political agenda of other political parties like, Ciudadanos and El Partido Popular in issues like gender politics and Immigration. 

A statement adds: We cannot allow for politicians in Gibraltar to fall into the traps being set by far right ideologists who are today negatively influencing individuals at a local level and in particular in Social Media, with policies of hatred and divide that affect all working people.

Therefore, Unite rejects the comments made in parliament, namely those that propose we should hold a section of the working class to ransom by suggesting they are used as a bargaining chip. This unnecessary creation of hatred between two communities will not benefit Gibraltar’s economic, social or political survival and will prove detrimental to the workers and business community in Gibraltar.