Spanish foreign minister walks out of interview because he didn't like the questions

German Deutsche Welle Conflict Zone, the English Language news website, was interviewing the Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, who stopped the interview at a point because he did not like the line of questioning. 

During the heated discussion, the politician walked off the set, but came back to finish the interview after speaking to his aides.

This was the question that sparked the row: Is this the image of Spain that the government in Madrid wants to show the rest of the world?

Asked this question by DW Conflict Zone host Tim Sebastian, Spain's foreign minister said he would have preferred that the judges find another way of preventing Catalan leaders from evading justice.

Borrell's government also made headlines regarding its position on Gibraltar, the report by the German website adds.

Borrell accused Sebastian of not being well informed on this issue and asked him at the end of the interview to ask questions "in a less biased way."

To which Sebastian concluded: "I am not here just to give you the questions you want, minister."