The country we have to deal with

Carmen Gomez

When a Spanish Politician is pushed into a corner, he resorts to accusations and verbal abuse. His arrogance and the lack of plasticity of his beliefs, will not allow him to engage with someone who has different views to his i.e. those of the country he represents. To him this might appear as sacrilegious. Sr Borell in a TV interview not only accused his interviewer of being an ignoramus, but told him that next time, he was to ask him the right questions! The man is not after an interview, but a monologue. 

Apart from the topic of the Catalans, any talk of Gibraltar either in the stating of facts, or in its defense, raises their blood pressure; in much the same way as those Spanish MEP‘s in Brussels have cornered and shamelessly intimidated Claude Moraes MEP systematically; for five weeks; for standing up for Gibraltar’s rights. Not only is this outrageous in itself, apart from the fact that the man has been forced to resign from his position; but what’s much more damaging is what Mr. Moraes commented with regards to this which was, that his own vulnerability showed how the UK‘s weakness would be exploited by the EU in the years to come.

This, which for us is very worrying, should be a matter of great concern for the UK in their final decisions taken on Brexit. Myself, I suggest we invite him to our home and thank him personally for his courage and honesty on our behalf in the face of adversity.

The Spaniard’s thought process is being squelched along with nationalism and religion. Being a Spaniard once meant being a Christian, and in Spain being a Christian, meant being a catholic. Vox propagandize with their mixture of religion and nationalism and draw upon the people’s loyalties and devotions.

Already its influence is bearing fruit. It appears that when its leader makes a pronouncement; shortly after, its message in some form or other, is indirectly taken on board as if it were an official edict. One of those if you recall, as Vox saw it, was the invasion of immigrants and the damage they were doing to Spain. Well, On the website “Statewatch,” I read that bilateral agreements with the EU`s backing, are being signed between Spain and Moroccan authorities, for Morocco to coordinate the majority of operations in the Alboran sea and the Straits of Gibraltar, with regards to the immigrants/refugees.

In other words, they are passing on the buck to Morocco. The Andalucian Association for human rights is against this; saying that they don’t have the human or material resources, or adequate protocols in place, for this kind of operation; on top of which lies their lack of experience and preparation. The Spanish maritime rescue has already given them two boats for rapid intervention.

The Spanish Government having already reduced their personnel, ordered Salvamento Maritimo not to broadcast daily; as they have been doing all along; any information of reports on the rescue of immigrants. They have also been advised that the Spanish Government no longer wants them to patrol Mediterranean waters. Instead they want Morocco to exercise the position of gendarme of the Waters for Europe. If this is all true, does this have any implications for us?

Some years back one particular migrant described the CIE centre in Spain as going into some kind of darkness, where you don’t know what’s going to happen. He spoke of beatings and of being left in isolation for days and weeks on end, without any information. Spain had up to now, practiced the policy of returning immigrants/refugees; particularly young people; “en Caliente;” i.e. a summary deportation; depriving them of any rights in bypassing normal paperwork.

This practice had been condemned by the European tribunal of human rights in Melilla. Now I understand that both Melilla and Ceuta are being transformed into jails for immigrants. They say they will also invest thirty two million Euros in Ceuta and Melilla; seventy five percent to be co-financed with EU funds, to modernize their frontier protection; and have moved the barbed wire i.e. “concertinas;” from their site to the Moroccan side.

Also, Spain has just signed a fishing agreement with them and moreover the Spanish Government has set themselves up as defenders for Morocco, and taken on the responsibility of asking Europe to unblock monies destined for Morocco.

Meanwhilst, Spain, for the third year running, is the country with more environmental infractions of the EU. Last year it had thirty two open cases and because of this was ordered to pay a fine of I2 million Euros for the lack of sewage treatment facilities; plus an additional 11 million every six months, if they do not conform. But then in 2016, they were already supposed to be fined 45 million Euros. Whether they pay up or not, is their business and that of the EU‘s.

However, what is of interest to us, is the fact that we have to engage with such a country on matters of the environment! No doubt the outcome of this will be that they will immediately find ways to make out that we are the ones polluting the seas out at the Bay; with our law enforcement agencies having to tread softly so as to avoid a situation, quote “in which Gibraltar ends up being worse off than it is at the moment.”

This will send a strong signal to Spain that it can do exactly as it pleases in our waters! The euphemism that lies here might be; “we have reached an agreement which is conclusive and final.” Meaning; “We have agreed to more years of constant squabbling.” Shame can no longer find a partner to bed with in Spain; she has been bullied, harassed and exiled as a nonentity.