More power cuts

There was not one, but two, power cuts yesterday.

Shortly after, an outage caused loss of power to parts of the city centre.

A fault in the High Voltage System was identified by an electrical protection relay situated in Orange Bastion Distribution Centre. The investigation that followed narrowed the fault to the protection relay itself. It was nonetheless necessary to check the integrity of the associated High Voltage cables and to reconfigure the High Voltage network before the power could be restored safely. 

And before lunch there was another power cut of one hour's duration, also afecting the town centre. With vsitors arriving on coach-loads at the time, some were heard saying 'we thught power cuts were something of the past and confined to third world countries.'

These blackouts followed the one towards the end of March which again affected the town centre, so naturally people are asking what is happening with Gibraltar's electricity supply.

The GSD expressed concern at the power outage and noted that it is the second time in as many weeks that this area has been affected by a prolonged power failure, adding that the Government must ensure that the electrical infrastructure is afforded an appropriate level of priority in order that businesses and residences do not suffer the lengthy failures of recent weeks.