Bombing the population with Fixed Penalty Notices

Debt Trap:

Dear sirs,

For several years researchers have looked at the role of justice systems around the world, and how it places low-income people and their families into serious financial disrepair. At first glance it may seem practical for cash strapped political units to turn to the motorist to increase their budgets. A deeper analysis of this doctrine has shown that in many cases using fines actually costs government more money that it receives. E.g In administration and processing of fines, additional courtroom time and costly collection efforts. 

Apparently, what modern “socialist” governments don’t understand is that the public goes with the flow. We drive as fast as traffic conditions allow, we get taxis or use public transport when we go out for a few drinks, we wear a coat in winter when it’s cold and we use an umbrella when it’s raining.

In short, fines should be calculated on the basis of an offender’s daily disposable income, thus establishing a level playing field and sending the same message across the board. Ultimately, carpet bombing the population with Fixed Penalty Notices will very likely inflict a debt burden to low-income families and our youth and definitely, we don’t need a government to interfere in our lives from the moment we get out of our beds in the morning.


A Davies