Culture of Apathy Is Sinking us!

Leo Olivero

Do you remember the famous saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” This is what John F. Kennedy told Americans in his inaugural address in January 1961. 

The Kennedy quote may sound a somewhat a bizarre plea today, or may not? But how much better off would some countries and places be, particularly here in Gibraltar if we could rely on own citizens to show public spirit or to work, speak and act for the national interest rather for personal interest and gain!

I have no intention of insulting anyone; this is not the purpose of this report. In fact, I have penned many such like contributions in Panorama on this same subject.

But because I do not intend to take part or put myself forward as a candidate in the next election, I am not after anyone’s vote or of losing any. So if I do upset anyone or you do not agree with what I write on this issue, please feel free to write to the editor who is always accommodating when readers respond!

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