Union walkout 'irresponsible' says Govt

The Government condemns the irresponsible action taken by the GGCA in organising an unnecessary walk out of the ITLD Department.

The walk out, on 24 hours’ notice, follows a concocted dispute, despite HMGOG having explained to GGCA the following: 

1. The Digital Services Authority (the “Authority”) is simply a committee designed to ensure that all software and hardware purchased by the Government is procured with the approval of this committee. This is to ensure all services and/or goods procured are compatible with Government’s Digital Strategy delivering value for money to the tax payer.

2. Wendy Cumming of the GGCA was informed in writing, before the walk out, that the composition of the Authority included the Head of ITLD and his Deputy as members of this Committee.

3. Wendy Cumming was also informed in writing, before the walk out, of the Chief Minister’s commitment to the staff at ITLD; namely, that they would be fully consulted before any change to the structure of ITLD was introduced and would be fully respected.

4. The establishment of this committee of individuals, comprising ITLD, is no different to the Digital Design Authority, which met on the 27th March 2019, and which also includes the Head and Deputy head of ITLD, as well as representatives from GHA IT and Treasury IT. Why did the GGCA raise no issues when the Digital Design Authority met, with no less than 3 representatives from ITLD, and yet will walk out because of the creation of a similarly structured, and composed, authority?

Both the Digital Design Authority and the Digital Services Authority are purely operational committees designed to improve the services and design of Government services to deliver value for money to the tax payer. It is important to point out that this process has been fully supported by ITLD staff, including the Head and the Deputy Head. It is equally important to highlight that these committees do not, as the GGCA wrongly suggest, involve any change whatsoever to the staff or composition of ITLD. On the contrary, as has already been stated above, ITLD are fully involved in both these committees and the GGCA is fully aware of this.