Union and Speaker in clash

Unite The Union says it will always be fully supportive of any protest that highlights the principle of trade union consultation. 

As 2019 marks the 100 year anniversary of when the Workers Union sent a delegation to the UK to campaign for the right to vote in Gibraltar resulting in our first ever City Council election of 1921. Unite The Union finds it Ironic that the Speaker of the House Mr Adolfo Canepa lashes out at a Trade Union Movement for demonstrating outside the House of Parliament. Highlighting the “ruling” of Sir Robert Peliza which limits Trade Unions ability to protest outside this institution.

A Unite statement adds: As we said at the time when Sir Robert Peliza passed the “ruling” we once again repeat, Unite The Union believes this to be an affront to Civil Rights and as such we are totally opposed to such restrictions on Unions, NGO’s or individual protestors outside parliament, more particularly so when this policy is implemented under a Socialist Government.

The Speaker and all parliamentarians should never forget that they are appointed to serve the community and that the images of the demonstration in no way unduly restrict the access into Parliament for the speaker or any of the MP’s.

“Today, as in 1919 when our predecessors of the workers union campaigned and demonstrated to achieve the rights to vote in Gibraltar, we remind the public it was Adolfo Canepa as the Leader of the AACR, post Hassan era who wanted to introduce anti-trade union legislation. Unite The Union will never passively accept any curtailing of our ability to protest in order to safeguard workers rights or any erosion to Current Trade Union Legislation in Gibraltar," said the union.