Memorial plaque for USS Tampa

Dear Sir,

Reference to article in Panorama issue of Tuesday the 16th of April 2019, Page 11, titled: Coast Guard looks to award Purple Hearts to USS Tampa crew killed during WorldWar 1. 

Perhaps Mr. Wallace Bonaparte’s would be happy to know that Gibraltar never forgot the U.S Coast Guard members of the USS Tampa’s Ship whilst at Gibraltar during World War 1, and should also be of interest too to, the U.S Coast Guard archivist Nora Childlow. I never knew that the ship was also carrying on board British sailors and civilians when the ship was torpedoed by a German submarine on Sept, 26,1918.

I would like to mention that our present Government a couple of years ago had the original memorial marble plaque that was placed somewhere on a wall hidden away out of view at the Dockyard to be transferred, were now, it stands place next to the American Operation Torch plaques of the 2nd World War at the bottom of th steps of The American War Memorial on our historical fortress defensive wall.

I thank you. Hope it’s of some help to the families of all those that perished at sea, in USS Tampa 1918.

Yours Faithfully,

Joseph Lezano