Private and personal details of Gibraltarians living in Spain exposed

Talking point

A 'No Deal' brexit would lead to Gibraltar capital in the Costa del Sol making a dash back to Gibraltar, say Spanish reports.

Such reports point out that out of the 32,000 inhabitants of Gibraltar, 7,000 of them have a residence in Spain. They own luxury homes in the Spanish hinterland, which suffer from massive unemployement while on the Rock unemployment stands at under 1%. 

As many as 30,000 people and 18,000 vehicles cross the frontier on a daily basis, which include UK tourists and others who fly low-cost to the Rock and then move on to Spain, while Spanish nationals earn their living in Gibraltar.

Many Gibraltarians spend their weekends across the frontier to return on Mondays to their jobs on the Rock. There are those who live in the La Linea area, such as Santa Margarita , while the better off prefer better living in La Alcaidesa and Sotogrande, where politicians, lawyers and businessmen live.

In Gibraltar, salaries are higher than those in Spain. The rich Gibraltarians enjoy living in luxury in Spain without paying for infrastructure - and even claim VAT on goods, the reports note, who point at the number of Gibraltarians with Italian surnames due to the Genoese who settled on the Rock following it becoming British.

The reports go on to provide the kind of private details, including personal information, which must have been obtained from well-informed Gibraltarian sources. They even name family names and know if they have family members living in the UK, and also what businesses they own on the Rock -and how they spend their summers in Sotogrande. They even name those who were known as the Doves and held secret talks with the Franco regime in days gone by.