Thank you all

Dear Sir,

Now that the Easter Festival has gone for another year I would just like to attempt yet again, to adequately express our deep thanks and admiration to those people in Gibraltar who gladly give their time, effort and money whenever the Gibraltar Alzeimer's and Dementia Society (GADS) put on an event, activity or promotion to raise awareness of living with dementia in Gibraltar. 

Before and during the Easter period a small number our activities members decided that as there was a fair chance that a number of chocolate eggs might be consumed during Easter and wouldn't it be great if a number of those smaller chocolate eggs arrived inside a hand knitted container in the shape of an Easter chick. To cut a long, busy and intensive knitting marathon story short, a few hundred of these decorative chocky chicks were created and then distributed throughout our community. The demand nearly outdid the supply and our knitting team were busy right up to the last minute.

Our thanks to the the "production line" , the bulk purchasers and onward distribution groups, the individuals who bought numbers of chicks for egg hunts or what ever, plus those generous people I will have inevitably missed out naming , the result was a fund raising total of £820.00.

I can reveal that the Gibraltar Sea Scouts Beaver Colony managed to sell on enough knitted chicks to raise £125 which was presented to us by Joseph Llufrio. Gibraltar netball teams Europa EY and Ocean Magic contributed, Staff members from Argos Insurance, The GHA, MH Blands and Morrisons Pharmacy all played their parts in fundraising.

None of this would have been possible at all without the determination and skill of our knitting team, Rosana McGuire, Elizabeth Gomaz, Ginny Pons, Carol Mor and Lorraine Wood.

Thank you to all who helped or bought the chocky chicks and we hope that all your Easter breaks went well.

Dick Barton.

GADS Committee.