Llanito, Yanito or Janito?

Dear Sir,

I am grateful to Joseph Lezano for expanding on the etymology of Llanito, but my comment was only an aside, and an observation that some may feel differently - for the record, I entirely agree with him. My only questioning of the term was that some years ago, a Gibraltarian in the diaspora expressed a preference for 'Janito', with the 'j' pronounced as in 'johnny', but this has not caught on. 

In linguistics, there is a tendency to be descriptivist, in other words, describing how language is used, rather than prescriptivist, prescribing how language should be used. There are some English speakers who think that 'enough' should be written as 'enuf' - I do not agree with them, but that does not prevent me from observing that they exist. The same applies to those who have taken issue with the spelling of 'Llanito'.


Ken Westmoreland