What the Captain didn't know?

Dear Sir,

For the biggest, most technologically advanced and most luxurious Holland America Line Cruise ship ever built, it is difficult to believe a Captain who is going to dine with middle to “upper-premium” clientele must surely have at least a modest sense of Geography and European History, particularly with Brexit the most debated subject throughout the EU for at least three years, especially the Sovereignty of the ports he will be docking at. Worst case scenario his first officer and purser surely must be sufficiently well versed, and no doubt they have all sailed through the straits of .gibraltar some time in their naval careers. 

Critics comment “The ship feels luxurious, with thick carpets, leather chairs and lots of expensive artwork adorning the walls and in the public spaces. The ship is music-themed throughout, and you'll spot prints, paintings and sculptures of pop stars, musicians and instruments almost everywhere you turn not least in the stunning Dining Room, with a soaring wine tower as its centrepiece”.

It is inconceivable that as a seafarer the Captain of a cruise ship ultimately responsible for over 2600 passengers and over 1000 crew, and just as importantly with Britain’s historical naval supremacy, should or could not know that Gibraltar has for over 315 years been, is and will continue to be British.

The Rock entirely painted in the Spanish colours, on the ships dockside embarkation ‘billboard’ could hardly be due to ignorance, especially once again WHEN THE SHIP WAS FLYING THE GIBRALTAR COURTESY FLAG AS SHE ENTERED OUR PORT !

More a case of someone in the know (fifth columnist?) and on the payroll of Holland America Line, perhaps pulling the wool over the Captain’s eyes?

It is absolutely in keeping with ‘their’ style, you know who....!

I think it’s time we flew Giant Gibraltar & British flags (and perhaps Commonwealth for good measure) from atop the Cruise Ship terminal for all nearsighted seafarers entering our port.


Joe Brugada.